Are your art products vegan-friendly?

I was thinking the other day about the hoard of art products that I have accumulated over the years and it got me wondering if any of the stuff I use is actually Vegan-friendly.

I was surprised to find out that some of it contained ingredients that were derived from an animal in some shape or form.

I already knew that some of the professional brand paintbrushes were made of animal hair: for example, squirrel hair. The very thought of using a product made in this way makes me shudder. I have always used synthetic brushes for this very reason.

I am slowly building up a collection of ethically sourced brushes.

Now, this is going to sound really stupid, but It has never occurred to me that other art supplies can actually be Non-Vegan-friendly.

Here’s a list of what you might expect to find in most of the common art supplies:

  • Animal hair
  • Shellac
  • Cochineal
  • Bone black
  • Ox Gall
  • Tempera
  • Gelatin
  • Rabbit skin
  • Casein
  • Honey
  • Beeswax

A lot of paints, papers, different mediums, glues, to name but a few, contain some sort of animal product and it has made me look more closely at the products I am using so I can eventually replace them with the Vegan-friendly versions.

Now, I thought that switching from non-Vegan to the Vegan products would make my paintings suffer. Would I be swapping professional-grade for cheaper varieties? Would it show in the finished art piece?

That is something that I am going have to find out in my quest for the right vegan art products that will suit my style. After all, most artists have their preferences to what brushes and paint they like to use and even the paper they paint on don’t they? Is this the same for you?

I am taking a positive approach to this and turning it into an adventure to find my holy grail of art products and I am excited for the journey to begin.

Please comment below with any questions you would like to ask or any suggestions you have for fellow Vegans to make art in an ethical way.

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