Watercolour flowers: going back to basics

I decided to go back to basics as I wanted to start doing watercolour art again. for some reason I had stopped painting with this medium and it was one that I really loved doing. I was also getting blocked and no new ideas were coming to me.

At the beginning of my art career, about five years ago, it was watercolour that I tried my hand at first. It was the only way I could come to terms with losing two loved ones who had died within months of each other. One being my boyfriend to Cancer and the other to my best friend for no apparent reason. It was painting with watercolour that offered me the therapy that I needed. I immersed myself in it and started to get better but somewhere along the way I drifted away from watercolour, hence the fact of getting back into it again and firing up my passion for it.

The experts do say that one thing you can do when you are suffering from any sort of artist block is to change paint medium so if you are an acrylic painter you could try doing some line and wash sketches. Well, it’s what I am going to try anyway.

So, last week I ordered the necessary supplies that were within my budget.

I was like a child on Christmas morning when the supplies were delivered and couldn’t wait to get started. For the first day I just played with the paints to get a feel of them and then booked a half day off from working to get some painting done.

The Faber Castell paper was thinner than my usual paper but I was pleasantly surprised at the way the paint looked on it and it dried nicely too.

The Artistik paints mixed well and the colours were clear and bright so I was happy with the results they gave me.

I loved the Zhu Ting brushes and they were easy to use and allowed me to paint with ease. I don’t use brushes that have animal hair. It makes me cringe to even think about it and being a Vegan it would go against my principles. The brushes did the job I wanted them to do and I will definitely be adding more sizes to the collection using this brand in the future.

Because I was getting back into watercolour painting again I decided that watching a tutorial on YouTube and painting along with the tutor would be a great start. I chose a video by Peter Sheeler because I love his painting style with line and wash and his tutorials are easy to follow.

Below is the final painting I did. I know it is not perfect but I know that I will get better with more practice and I will keep practising each day to perfect my style.

Line and wash painting

I wanted to try painting something without having to follow along so I found a reference photo and painted the next flower, which is below.

Watercolour flowers

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    • I bought myself a heat tool to dry in between washes, which I will be reviewing in another blog. Thank you so much for your reply that has meant so much to me. I love using watercolours and I am going to stick with it for a while and see how it goes.

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