Buying art for the office made simple

It doesn’t matter whether you work from an office in your own home or a busy one in the city, it is often the one place that gets neglected when it comes to art.

Take a look around your office right now, does the environment stimulate happiness and that go getter attitude or does it leave you quietly crying in the corner? Is your coffee the only thing that gives you any sort of buzz?

Maybe it is time to think about getting some art to liven the place up and make you want to spend more time in there.

You may not know what sort of art should be in the office or how to go about choosing the right pictures that you will gaze at each day.

It is quite simple if you ask yourself these 5 questions.

1/ Who’s office is this?

Do you share an office or are you one of those lucky ones who closes the door and has the whole room to oneself?

If you share an office then you may need to get together with your co workers and bounce some ideas off each other. Treat it like a staff meeting and get some ideas down on paper so you get an idea of what people’s likes and dislikes are.

If you have your own office, say, at home, then you are one of the lucky ones and you and you alone is going to benefit from that well thought out picture.

2/ How large is your budget?

How much do you want to spend on the art? So let’s say you have £100 to spend on one or two pictures, this will give you a good idea of where you are going to shop.

The question of who will be funding your shopping spree is also important. If it is your office at home then it goes without saying who holds the purse strings but in a shared office space that would be a different matter altogether.

Would the staff have a whip around or would the company give you the money to spend?

3/ How much space is available?

This is also important because it will determine how big the art can be and how many you can actually buy.

If it is a very small office then it might be a good idea to choose a larger picture and use it as a statement piece. If you are lucky enough to have a larger office and/or a lot of wall space then a few smaller pictures might look better.

4/ What colours would suit you or your co workers?

  • For more productivity and keeping focused then blue would be your ideal choice.
  • Red has a sense of urgency about it so take care when choosing this colour.
  • The regal colour of purple can be used to give a sense of ambition.
  • For balance and growth try adding green to the colour scheme.
  • For positivity and happiness add some yellow.
  • Using pink will create a calming atmosphere

Choose the colours that lift your mood and make you happy and you can’t go wrong.

5/ First Impressions

Always take into consideration what first impression you want to make on any one visiting your office. You want to give them a sense of who you are which can come through the art that you choose. Think about your personality and the personality of your brand. Is it quirky or conservative? Is it youthful, energetic or bold and daring? When you know these things then it makes the whole process of buying art so much easier.

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