9 Tips to help you become an art collector without having to be a millionaire

You don’t have to be a millionaire if you want to be an art collector. Their are ways that you can have the most beautiful art in your home without sending the bailiffs to your door.

Here are my 9 tips that will help you create your own little gallery within your home.

1/ Set a budget

By having an annual budget in mind will help you to choose within your price range and will keep you from spending over the top.

How much would you pay for art that you absolutely loved?

Try opening a separate savings account for the sole purpose of funding your new hobby.

2/ Train your eye

By visiting galleries, museums, art fairs and exhibitions you will be getting an idea of the art that you are drawn to. You will start to recognise the subjects and themes that you like and also the medium used. For example: Flowers painted in acrylics

3/ Find galleries that you love

By visiting your favourite galleries you can get an idea of paintings that will be on display and you will also be informed of new artists that they will be featuring in the future.

Do you have a favourite gallery that you visit regularly?

Get yourself on their mailing list and you will be among the first to know of upcoming events. Over time you will start to build a relationship with the gallery and they will recognise you when you visit. Building this relationship is important because you can ask questions that you would otherwise not feel confident in asking. For example: Can they go lower on the price? or is their a payment plan available if the art you like is over your budget?

Always remember that if you do start up a payment plan to pay as quickly as possible. This will always put you in the gallery’s good books.

4/ Social Media

Follow your favourite artist’s on social media to build a relationship with them. You never know what discounts they will offer for their trusted followers.

Instagram is a favourite social media platform for artists. You can follow me on Instagram HERE

5/ Online

Learn how to shop online by knowing the different places for buying art:

  • Etsy Popular for art and home-made stuff and well worth a look
  • Society6 Another great place for affordable art
  • Online galleries

You can do a search for art on the subjects that you like or the artists name to be directed to the right websites. Do you have any favourite websites?

6/ Limited editions and original prints

This is a great way to get art from a favourite artist who’s art is way out of your price range as it is sold at a more affordable price. One of my favourite artists’ at the moment is Jack Vettriano and would love to have one of his originals. In the meantime just having one of his prints would be just as good. Do you have a favourite artist?

7/ Graduate shows

Graduate shows are a great way to find emerging new talent and their art can be snapped up at affordable prices at the beginning of their career. Have you ever been to a graduate show?

8/ Support the emerging new talent

Supporting the new talent is a must to get them known and while they are at the beginning of their career their prices are much more affordable. You never know they might just be the next big thing and you will have one of their earliest pieces. How exciting would that be? Do you have a favourite artist that needs some followers?

Buy this HERE

9/ Open studio events

Sometimes an artist will open their studio to the public for an open tour. This is a time when you can get some good prices on art that they haven’t been able to sell but has your name written all over it.

As you can see, there are a number of ways that you can pick up art at a price that you can afford if you do your research. Always remember to buy what you love and hang it where you can love it every single day.

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