5 reasons you should have a picture of a Peony on your walls at home.


The Chinese name for Peony translates to “Most Beautiful” and they value the flower highly. The flower is also often referred to as the king of flowers.

One look at this cloud like flower and most of us would agree that it truly is a beauty.

Below are my five reasons why every home should have at least one of these flowers decorating their walls.

Reason one:

The peony is associated with riches. So, if you are like me and you like to surround yourself with things that have positive meanings and want to attract riches into your life then this is one flower that you should have.

Reason two:

The Peony is an omen of good fortune and a happy marriage. For those of you or are hoping to get hitched in the near future or are about to tie the knot, then this is the flower to have on your bedroom wall.

Reason three:

The peony also symbolises romance and prosperity. By having the flower adorn the walls of your home may well attract that soulmate you have been searching for. For this reason alone makes me want to rush out and buy one. How about you?

Reason four:

Within the Chinese culture these flowers are tied to royalty. If you want your home to have that regal elegance that is associated with the peony then this is one flower you mustn’t pass by.

Reason five:

It truly is a most exquisite flower and it comes in a variety of beautiful colours that would appeal to any colour scheme in your home.

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