How to buy art for the kitchen

I think most of you would agree that if we didn’t have a kitchen then we wouldn’t have much of a home. To me the kitchen is the centre of any household and yet it is the one room that can be completely forgotten when it comes to buying art for it.

This is the one room that we are in and out of throughout the day: we get breakfast in the morning, snacks and drinks a few times a day and we prepare and cook meals in the evening. You could say that we practically live in this room.

This is one of the reasons why I love to have art on the walls of my kitchen and I always try to add a bit of fun to it. Their are so many different types of art that you can buy, from kitchen quotes to pretty hand drawn herbs. It can be overwhelming for the first time buyer especially in this room.

Below are just a few simple steps to help you before you even think about hitting the shops.

1/ Bright colours

Choosing bright colours for the kitchen will add some character, especially if the walls and cupboards are white or if you have a neutral colour scheme. Think bright red pictures of juicy strawberries to red hot chilli peppers or simple watercolour images of flowers. For more flower images CLICK HERE

2/ Choose a specific item

choose a favourite item in your kitchen and use it as an inspiration for the kind of art work to buy. For example you might own a gorgeous glass biscuit jar with delicately painted roses on that Aunt Jane bought you as a moving in present. Maybe a close up of a rose would look perfect on the empty wall above the kettle like the one below

To buy this CLICK HERE

3/ Wall space

Think about the wall space you have. Some kitchens have cupboards on the walls taking up valuable gallery space. This will determine the size of art you will be restricted to buy. Always measure before committing to something that may look lost if it is too small or out of place if too big.

4/ Inspire

Have art that inspires you to create beautiful dishes or makes you admire it while you are in there.

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Most of all have fun and leave your comments below on how your shopping trip went.

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