Is your bedroom a sanctuary?

Now you can create the bedroom of your dreams by following these simple steps to buying the right art for those walls.

How many of you can remember your bedroom as a teenager? 

I know I can.

 I had posters covering every inch of space and that consisted mainly of my favourite pop group and teen crushes. Nowadays my choices are a lot different. 

I love beautiful flowers, seascapes and fantasy forest artwork and I love to decorate my home with all these things that I love.

The very act of choosing art for any room of the house can be rather daunting, never mind the equally difficult bedroom. This is the room where you will want to drift off into that pleasant dreamlike state and wake up refreshed and not filled with anxiety and stress.

 As I got older I would often get overwhelmed when it came to buying art for my bedroom. With so many choices out there it was so hard to decide.

So now, before I even think of buying anything I spend an afternoon brainstorming and following the simple steps that I have outlined below. It makes the whole process a lot easier and so much more fun too.

I also use my 10 step worksheet which you can get for FREE HERE

 By following these steps you will be able to hit the shops with confidence and acquire the artwork that will stay with you for a long time. Like these awesome flower prints

Let’s begin!

Step 1/ Create a haven

You want your bedroom to be calm and peaceful don’t you? Then it makes sense to opt for calming colours and soothing images. Take a moment to think about what calms you and gives you that tranquil feeling.

Step 2/ The colours matter

Take note of some of the colours in your bedroom and use these as a starting point when choosing your art piece. Maybe you have a Deep blue carpet with matching curtains and duvet set. Then a lighter colour that compliments these would look great. Also keep in mind that you don’t want bold daring colours in this room if you want to be able to sleep at night. These are best left to other areas of your home to fully enjoy them.

Step 3/ What’s your style?

Do you have a certain style in your bedroom? For example is it shabby chic or more country cottage? This will also help you choose the art that would suit your personal style.

Step 4/ Size really can matter

Keep in mind what size art you want. I tend to go for larger pieces of art in my bedroom as just one or two can make a great statement and not make the room feel cluttered.

Step 5/ The power of the internet

Take advantage of that good old friend google. Just typing “Art for the bedroom” into my browser came up with thousands of results. I know this can be daunting but if you have followed steps one to four then you can narrow the search down even further. For example: “pink flower poster prints for the bedroom”

Most of all the whole process of buying art for your bedroom should be fun and not stress you out. Which is why I have devised a great little worksheet for you. For a copy of this Free ten step worksheet on buying art for your home just click the link HERE. This is something I use time and time again when  I get the urge to splurge!

Have Fun

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