Buying art for the Living Room

I was in Next the other day looking around the home decor section and was amazed by the sheer amount of art that was on offer. This on it’s own could cause overwhelm if you are looking to buy art for your home. That is why I have put together eight simple steps to think about before even hitting the shops or your laptop keyboard.

Here’s what I suggest you do :

Step 1/ 

Buy only what you love.

Don’t think of buying art as just a task to fill a blank space on a wall. What you buy has to be an absolute pleasure to look at every single day. Imagine starting your day with ‘the ugliest’ thing you have ever seen staring back at you. How do you think the rest of your day would pan out. Now imagine waking up to a home surrounded by all the things you love. It feels different yes? Surround yourself with love everyday. CHECK THIS ART OUT

Step 2/ 

Instead of matching the art to the room let it work with the room without it getting lost. For example:  If I had plain, neutral colours in my living room I would tend to look for more Bolder colours that match the scheme so that it stands out. That way my friends and family would see it and admire it. You want that don’t you?

Step 3/ 

Think about all the different mediums. Rather than just thinking oils paintings and acrylic, watercolour and pastel, think outside the box. You can actually buy art that has been painted with enamel or art made out of textiles and art that is high gloss prints. CHECK OUT MY ART MEDIUM

Step 4/

Have a size in mind. Lots of mini prints on a wall would create a completely different effect than an oversized painting would. 

Step 5/

Have a style in mind. Do you want to  create an industrial look? Or would a country cottage style be more fitting?

Step 6/

Do you have certain colours in mind? Does the colour scheme of your room scream the need for black and white art or would Bold blues or bold oranges look better?

Step 7/ 

Have you got a theme in mind?

Does your home have a beach like theme with  light blues and all the colours and accessories associated with a sunny beach holiday? Or does it have a more antique theme. Having this in mind will help you to discard the art that would not fit in your living room.

Step 8/ 

When you have thought about these steps then do some research. Have a look online for some inspiration and have a wander around the shops on your day off to see what art is out there just waiting for you to snap them up.

Above all have fun in the whole process to create a living room that will be the envy of your friends. CHECK OUT MY FREE 10 STEP WORKSHEET TO HELP YOU BUY ART FOR THE HOME

With love  Kelly Ann


  1. I actually could use some new art in my bedroom so I’ll definitely keep these tips in mind while browsing through the art aisles of my store and hanging up my purchases.

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