Buying Art For The Home

“It’s a headache buying art for my home.”

Have you ever said that? I know I have. I have been shopping and suddenly stumble upon a lovely picture and bought it without thinking. As soon as I get home I know I have made a mistake. What was I thinking buying a bright red London bus painting when most of my home is pastel shades. Where the hell would I put it. Eventually it has gone to a charity shop or a friend and yet again I have wasted my money.

So I sat down one day and crafted a cunning plan. A plan of a few simple steps that would make buying art for the home a much better experience than I was used to.

So here it is:


Which room is it for? Knowing what room in your home you want to add some carefully chosen pictures will give you a better idea. For example you want to buy art for the bedroom so a Large acrylic painting of a red pepper would look out of place…wouldn’t it?


What is the wall space in the room like? If it was like mine for months after I moved in then it would be completely bare. Much better with a blank canvas I think. But you could have a few great pictures in your room you may want to add to the collection. Knowing this will be a great help.  


Do you have a colour scheme? For example if your bedroom is a pretty shade of pastel pink with matching duvet and curtains, then a beautiful pink rose would look divine. Maybe a shocking pink to add some pop to the room. Check out my roses at: CLICK HERE


What styles do you like. Maybe you like glossy prints of flowers. That will surely narrow it down. My prints come unframed as glossy prints that you can frame yourself at home but I also offer a bespoke service if you so wish. Check out my flower wall art prints here or email here


Is there a mood or a them that you want to convey?  For example, in your pastel pink bedroom you may want to create a tranquil feeling. Then my lovely pink waterlily will do just that. Check it out here 

Once you have gathered all this information you can now have some fun. Why not create a mood board or a pinterest board of all the images and colour schemes that you love and would look great in your room. You can even google your ideas and see what it comes up with. Or maybe you just want to write it all down instead. Whatever method you choose is up to you. When you are ready to hit the shops, why not make it a girly day out or better still grab a glass of vino and check out my online Etsy shop for some beautiful art work: CLICK HERE 

If you would like a FREE copy of my 10 step worksheet for buying art for the home then CLICK HERE

Please comment below what has worked for you and if you have found this post useful and share pictures of your art walls at home so others can get inspiration.

With love Kelly Ann


  1. These are beautiful ideas, thank you! I don’t have a home of my own, but you have surely given me ideas. I’ve read a couple of your post!

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